Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Confession To You Part 1 (Fan-Fiction)

Category : Oneshot
Pairing : Hyuna & L.joe (Hyun.Joe)
Reasons : Its because of a picture of them together.

"Todays the day-"Ljoe said looking into his reflection in the mirror.He grabbed the bouquet of roses on the table before walking out of his apartment.

Its today.The day he will finally asked the girl of his dreams for a date.
After gathering courage for almost 3 weeks-he was finally ready.He enters his car and starts the engine.He then drives of to Enchanted Cafe in downtown Seoul the place where his dream girl works.


He takes a deep breath and exhaled it before entering the cafe.He slowly walks to the counter."H-Hey,Jihyun"Ljoe said stuttering."Oh-hey,Ljoe shii-What can I help you with?"Jihyun asked smiling."Um-Can I see Hyuna?"Ljoe asked shyly rubbing the back of his neck."Hyuna?-Um,She didnt come to work today-She has a dy off today"Jihyun answered.Jihyun could see clearly on Ljoe's face that he was dissapointed Hyuna wasnt here."Um,you could go and visit her at her apartment-Heres her address"Jihyun suggested handing a pice of paper with Hyuna's address on it to Ljoe.Ljoe smiles."Thank you,Jihyun ah-Im off,Goodbye now"Ljoe said exiting the cafe.He quickly went to his car and drove to Hyuna's apartment.


"So,this is where she lives.."Ljoe thought looking at the building.Ljoe walks slowly to Hyuna's apartment and finally stopped walking when he was infront of Hyuna's apartment door.When he was about to knock on the door,he could hear Hyuna talking with someone in her apartment-or better yet some guy!

"Oppa-the food is ready,Come and eat!"Hyuna said."Nae-Alright Im coming!Wow,smells good-"a male voice said.Ljoe dropped the bouquet of roses he was holding on the floor when he hears the guy's voice..Ljoe's heart felt a sudden pain.Hundreds-No,thousands of question pops up in his head.
"Who's the guy Hyuna is talking to?,"Is Hyuna taken already?","Is he Hyuna's boyfriend?","Am I too late to confess?"

Ljoe sighs loudly and with heavy heart he walk back to his car and drove home.His heart broken into millions and millions of pieces.

This is just part 1 ^^- Part 2 will be coming soon! XD